When we started out, one of our main objectives was to be the producer of as much of what we sold as possible. This remains very much at the heart of our ethos today


As well as White Row’s own produce, we also sell as much local produce as we can and are keen to support other farmers in the area. As customers grow more wary of large-scale supermarkets, we strive to be friendlier, serve better quality produce and support the community as much as possible. After all, we are a farm ourselves and supporting the community has always been part of farming. It’s just in our nature.

We rear large white pigs crossed with duroc and landrace breeds and sell them in our butchers.

We decided to turn our hand to retail, being just off the roundabout on the busy A36 we took the huge gamble to develop one of the farrowing houses into a farm shop. The farm shop opened in july 2000 and we’ve grown ...... and grown!